The History of Conversion among the Dayak Lundayeh in Krayan, North Kalimantan

This book is unique. Its title is in English, but the entire content is in Indonesian. What does this mean?

It turns out, there is indeed an "ulterior motive," which is to pique the curiosity of Americans who first introduced the Gospel to the Krayan people back in 1932.

Now, the Dayak people residing in Krayan, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan, are known as the Dayak Lundayeh. They consist of at least four sub-tribes: Lengilo, Saban, Nan Ba, and Tana Lun.

The result of research by a scholar-pastor

This book, the result of research by a scholar-pastor, is a commendable effort that should be warmly welcomed. In an era where rapid technological advancements disrupt societies worldwide, people often tend to forget their history. 

This disruption has led much contemporary writing and literature to stray from historical narratives.

Thus, Jastin Michael's work on the history of the Gospel in Krayan, North Kalimantan, is highly valued.

History, or "his story," can be understood as "God's actions in humanity's journey, showcasing His power and glory through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every context."

The history of the Gospel in North Kalimantan

The history of the Gospel in North Kalimantan, Krayan, discussed here, is not just a record or document but an attempt to bring to life God's intervention in people's lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially among the Lundayeh Dayak tribes.

This divine intervention leaves a mark on the Gospel events contextualized and presented by missionaries from the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) who followed the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

The presence of this book not only enriches the collection of missionary travel accounts but also provides enlightening, empowering, and inspiring insights.

This book commemorates the 91st anniversary of the Gospel's arrival in the Krayan region in October 2023. It chronicles the journeys, adventures, and struggles of Mr. Jastin A. Michael in documenting the history of the Gospel's proclamation, particularly in the hinterlands of Kalimantan. 

The author acknowledges in the introductory notes that gathering travel data, services, life, and even the grave of the missionary was not easy. Jastin's strong vision, courage, and firm determination made his journey successful and brought it to fruition.

The discovery of the missionary's grave outside his service area is equally fascinating. While the grave itself is not of utmost importance, the story of the struggle and death that brought salvation to the people of Borneo is paramount.

The struggle of Rev. William Ernest Presswood to introduce the Gospel (the good news) of Jesus Christ, regardless of the consequences, is central. His life experiences reveal the greatness of a militant soul committed to the grand message of Jesus Christ. This unwavering commitment enabled him to finish the race and keep the faith, following Paul's example. This firm foundation in Presswood's soul allowed the Lundayeh Dayak and surrounding tribes to see the light of God's glory. The fruit of this hero's faith is the establishment of the Evangelical Tent Church in the regions of Mentarang, Krayan, and Malinau in Indonesia.

The collection of material for this book, gathered since 2014, demonstrates that compiling this historical account was no quick task. The search for the missionary's grave in the Dutch cemetery in East Java had its own charm, showcasing a life of struggle and unparalleled dedication. Although the grave is not to be worshiped, it raises awareness of historical monuments with educational value.

This struggle deserves recognition. Alongside stories of Presswood's ministry and his comrades, this book includes accounts of other missionaries' lives and the history of theological education, contributing positively to the development of the Evangelical Tent Church in Indonesia, particularly in Central Kalimantan, and more broadly across the Indonesian islands.

About the Author

Jastin A. Michael lives in Krayan, North Kalimantan, with his father Ayanda Michael, mother Yohana, and brother.

Jastin A. Michael.

He currently serves as the Chairman of the Evangelical Church of Indonesia in the Krayan region. He graduated from STT Wilfinger in 2019 and is pursuing a master's degree in theology at STII Yogyakarta, STT Jaffray Jakarta, and STT Jaffray Makassar.

Born on May 9, 1995, in Pa’ Kebuan, he also teaches part-time at STTW Krayan.

-- Derayeh Lingu Tawak Lengilo

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