A Journey Along the Kapuas River: Exploring the Exotic Charms of Lawang Kuwari


Should you ever find yourself contemplating a journey to West Kalimantan, be it for leisure or an intrepid adventure, make a steadfast vow to include the captivating Lawang Kuwari in Sekadau within your itinerary. 

It would be an oversight of monumental proportions to bypass this remarkable attraction. Sekadau beckons you not merely for its historical allure but also for the enchanting panorama it unfurls before your eyes. 

Set foot within the precincts of Lawang Kuwari, and as your tour guide narrates its narrative, you'll unravel the very essence of why Sekadau is lovingly dubbed the "Realm of Lawang Kuwari."

To those who possess an innate ardor for exploration, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the myriad splendors that await. Picture the resplendent spectacle of the Kapuas River, its ceaseless surge carving a relentless path towards the boundless expanse of the Pontianak open waters.

Lawang Kuwari doesn't solely present a historical tourist attraction about the origins of Sekadau. It also showcases the mesmerizing beauty of the maritime realm, the unparalleled allure of the Kapuas River. During dawn, the vista becomes truly exotic. The sun scatters a golden-yellow hue across the western horizon. For those who cherish natural panoramas, feel free to visit Lawang Kuwari.

A symphony of motorboats, rowboats, and barges orchestrating their dance on its glistening surface, harmonizing with the melodious calls of aerial denizens and the soothing lullaby of swallow songs, all interwoven with the gentle hum of forest insects—a harmonious symphony of nature's best. In the folds of Sekadau's tapestry lie historical treasures aplenty, none more distinctive than Lawang Kuari.

A motorboat takes tourists to the historical site of Lawang Kuwari. Along the journey, the water crosses the Kapuas River, offering a breathtaking panorama. During the twilight hours, the sun's rays on the western horizon resemble a golden hue, adding to the cheerful atmosphere.

To embark on this historical odyssey, one must first navigate the Kapuas River's embrace aboard a speed boat, an adventure where the ebb and flow of the river's tides become your muse. An unrivaled ecstasy for the senses. In the annals of the Sekadau Kingdom, Lawang Kuwari played a dual role—sanctuary for Prince Agong's contemplation and refuge.

Lawang Kuwari, a jewel in Sekadau's historical diadem, stands as a testament to a conscious endeavor. Crafted meticulously, its very essence serves as an embodiment of Sekadau's legacy, an intricate tapestry woven by the hands of time. 

Paulus Misi, a dedicated steward of culture and tourism during his tenure as the head of the Department of Culture and Tourism (Dinas Kebudayaan dan Parriwisata) for Sekadau Regency, shed light on this architectural marvel.

"Our intention was to create a living chronicle, a living testament that introduces Sekadau through this tangible portal. Lawang Kuwari metamorphoses into an intricate narrative, a mosaic that vividly reflects Sekadau's historical legacy," he elucidated.

Domestic tourists go on a sightseeing trip to the historical tourist attraction of Sekadau, Lawang Kuwari. It is not considered complete for the residents of Sekadau if they haven't been here.

In the contemporary era, as Aron adorns the mantle of Bupati Sekadau, the resounding echoes of "Lawang Kuwari" resurface, almost akin to an anthem. This resurgence heralds not only an iconic symbol but also an emblematic representation—an ode to the Sekadau of yore. Terminal stations, bustling markets, and even communal spaces are bestowed with the hallowed name of "Lawang Kuwari," a homage that bridges the past with the present.

How to Reach Lawang Kuwari?
We can reach the banks of the Kapuas River from the town of Sekadau downstream, covering a journey of approximately 20 minutes.

Upon arriving at the banks of the Kapuas River, there are motorboats available for rent to reach Lawang Kuwari on the opposite bank of the 538-meter-wide Kapuas River. The cost of renting a watercraft, when calculated per person, is only Rp50,000 for a round trip. 

During the boat ride, various exotic sights of the Kapuas River can be savored. Swifts and church swifts fly freely overhead, and occasionally, sea eagles make an appearance. Large cargo barges and motorboats ply the waters, transporting consumer goods for sale.

During dawn, the scene truly becomes exotic. The sun casts a golden hue on the western horizon. For those who cherish the beauty of natural panoramas, a visit to Lawang Kuwari is strongly recommended.*)

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