What makes traveling to Long Midang interesting

Long Midang: Indonesia's face at the forefront of the border with Malaysia. Photo credit: Kumparan.

Long Midang, like a reader who has never toured here or is just hearing about it, is located in Krayan, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan.

Long Midang is the most frequently used route by communities at the border of the two countries due to its easily accessible transportation by vehicle/car, with a travel distance of approximately 1 kilometer from the border point to Ba Kelalan Village in Sarawak, Malaysia, and 5-6 hours to Lawas City in Sarawak, Malaysia. 

Meanwhile, the travel distance from the Lembudud border to Ba Rio Village in Sarawak, Malaysia, is 10-12 hours on foot. These traditional crossing routes are used for economic activities, family visits, sports, and cultural exchanges. 

What makes traveling to Long Midang interesting?

The village of Long Midang, with all its challenges and resilience, has positioned itself as the frontline border between Indonesia and Malaysia. In its isolation, this village has become a symbol of determination and spirit in safeguarding the country's territorial sovereignty. 

Nevertheless, the face of Long Midang continues to radiate a distinct identity compared to its neighboring region, even though both are inhabited by the same Dayak community.

What makes traveling to Long Midang interesting? Besides experiencing life with the friendly local inhabitants, the Dayak Lundayeh, ecotourism, and the cool atmosphere of the Borneo highlands are truly enchanting. 

Primary and original forests

Only in Krayan can we witness pristine wilderness, where green prevails, adorned by a blue sky, and the refreshing breeze indulges the body. The air is fresh and truly healthy. Furthermore, due to its primary and original forests, Long Midang and Krayan in general can serve as a healer.

A first glance at Long Midang will lead us to a breathtaking panorama, reminding us that this is a region on the forefront of the border.

Long Midang proves that cultural diversity

Long Midang proves that cultural diversity and identity can coexist harmoniously amidst geographical constraints. The stunning mountains and dense forests embrace the village, imparting a sense of remoteness and exoticism to the place. Unlike regions in Malaysia that may share similar characteristics, Long Midang maintains the cultural heritage and lifestyle of the Dayak people, giving a unique identity to this community.

Despite ethnic and cultural similarities with the neighboring region, Long Midang proudly preserves its identity. Traditional customs, arts, and language passed down from generation to generation remain vibrant in this village.

Traditional longhouses and local handicrafts serve as symbols of the continuity of this culture. Thus, situated between two countries, Long Midang retains a strong and authentic character.

A meeting point between Indonesia and Malaysia

Moreover, Long Midang also serves as a meeting point between Indonesia and Malaysia, where cross-border culture and trade intermingle. Despite differences in identity, the village bridges the two countries in economic and social cooperation. The community's reliance on the neighboring country for daily needs has created a close and mutually beneficial relationship, strengthening the ties between the two regions.

As the forefront border, Long Midang has proven that cultural diversity and identity can coexist harmoniously despite geographical limitations.

The village of Long Midang has managed to preserve its cultural roots while remaining open to external influences. This uniqueness reminds us of the importance of maintaining one's identity in the era of globalization while collaborating with neighbors for shared progress.

(Rangkaya Bada)

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