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Visited by 12 American Citizens: Batu Ruyud Now Batu Ruyud International Writing Camp

With the arrival of the twelve American visitors, Batu Ruyud has now evolved into the globally renowned Batu Ruyud…

Mei 24, 2024

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Suheriyatna Calls for Kalimantan's Ecotourism Spotlight: A National Imperative

North Kalimantan is not only an incredibly promising natural tourist destination but also boasts an endless variety of flora…

Jul 16, 2024

Research on the Efficacy of Bajakah by High School Students that Stirred Attention

Yazid and Aysa Aurealya when presenting to the Governor of Central Kalimantan and his staff about bajakah.   Photo credit: h…

Jul 7, 2024

Enjoying and Understanding the Beautiful Dayak Women Dancing Gracefully on the Rocks in the Middle of the River

Beautiful Dayak women dancing gracefully on the rocks in the middle of the river. Photo credit: FReels/dayak kalimantan Play…

Jul 5, 2024

The Enduring Dayak Kingdom of Ulu Ai, Ketapang, West Borneo

Patih Singa Bansa, King Ulu Ai LI (51st). Doc. the researcher. If you ever get the chance to visit West Kalimantan, go to Ke…

Jul 4, 2024

Lembuswana: Symbol of the Kutai Martadipura Kingdom

The awe-inspiring statue of Lembuswana, full of myth and legend. Photo documentation: the author. When planning or by chance…

Jul 1, 2024

Simson, at 77 years old, is the Last Generation of Long-Eared Dayaks.

Simson. Photo documentation of the author. If you ever find yourself in Kalimantan, whether intentionally or not, make sure …

Jul 1, 2024

Bajakah: The Hallmark of Ecotourism in Kalimantan

The Dayak people drink bajakah root water directly from the cut roots in Hedda Morrison's book (1957: 205). Ecotourism i…

Jul 1, 2024

The Dynamics of Borneo Over Time: From the Deglaciation of Borneo Island to the Historical Records of the Javanese Kingdom

Maps of Borneo in Ancient Times. Illustration Source : https://id.pinterest.com/pin/302093087478772823/ Observing the dy…

Jul 1, 2024