Februari 2024

The Tale of Apai Janggut: the 7th Generation Descendant of Keling Kumang

Apai Janggut reads the book '101 Dayak Figures Volume 2,' where his profile is featured as one of the prominent indi…

Feb 3, 2024

"Avocado" as the Attraction of Agrotourism in Singkawang

Alpukat Singkawang stands tall as a symbol of Singkawang's progress. Singkawang City is one of the cities in the Provinc…

Feb 2, 2024

Sekadau and the Rooster Monument

The appearance of the Rooster Monument in the heart of Sekadau city, West Kalimantan. Sekadau is one of the regencies in the…

Feb 1, 2024