The Americans Learning Natural Intelligence from the Dayak of Krayan

The Americans are learning to build natural shelters and make fire pits in the forest.

The vast expanse of nature stretches out, still lush and well-preserved. It's only in the Heart of Borneo, in the Krayan region of Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan. If Americans are into nature, people, culture, and Krayan's weather, it's no surprise. It's just perfect!

That's what the 12 American citizens experienced during their 5-day stay in the Krayan forest. What did they do there? They savored the untouched nature. Currently, there are no extensive pristine forests left in Kalimantan, except in Krayan.

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The Kayan Mentarang National Park is part of the traditional land and territory

Apart from being protected by the Krayan people for centuries, the customary forests of Krayan are now well-maintained. It's evidence that the Dayak people inherit natural intelligence, according to Howard Gardner's theory. 

The Kayan Mentarang National Park is part of the traditional land and territory of the Krayan people. Due to their proven ability to preserve and manage the environment and resources of Krayan for hundreds of years, it is appropriate to entrust the management of Krayan to its rightful heirs.

Krayan: A Remarkable Forest Healing Experience

Ecotourism, specifically forest tourism, is a major attraction in Krayan. There are numerous examples of "forest healing." For instance, The Nobel Prize-winning author from China referenced is Gao Xingjian. He wrote the novel Soul Mountain (灵山) in Chinese, which was published in 1990. 

Gao Xingjian won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2000 for his oeuvre that "with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and the contemporary". Soul Mountain is a complex work that explores themes of individualism, identity, and the relationship between humanity and nature. In the novel, the protagonist embarks on a journey through China's remote regions, including mountainous areas, encountering various characters and reflecting on life, society, and the natural world.

The "natural intelligence" of the Dayak people 

The American tourists thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance and nature of the Krayan forest. They ventured in and out of the forest in the Batu Ruyud area, accompanied by Kalvin Pagu and Rudi. 

They absolutely loved soaking in the natural surroundings. Their curiosity about the "natural intelligence" of the Dayak people was remarkable. 

The curiosity of these Americans is truly high; they are learning to shave dry wood to use as tinder for starting a fire.

"They wanted to learn how to camp in the forest. How to start a fire for cooking and to keep warm at night," Kalvin explained.

For a full 3 days at Batu Ruyud, the 12 American citizens thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of Krayan's nature. 

Aside from relishing the local cuisine, they also bathed in the river, observed the locals preparing local delicacies. And of course, they didn't forget to jot down notes about their journey and experiences.

-- Rangkaya Bada

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