Exploring the Enchanting Beauty of Derawan, Sanglaki, and Kakaban Islands: Tropical Paradise Unveiled


The allure of the marine beauty of Borneo Island: Derawan, Sanglaki, and Kakaban. This image was captured on Sanglaki Island, radiating the enchanting charm of its sea and beach.

As stated in the title of this narrative, there are plenty of maritime tourism potentials in Kalimantan that are still relatively unknown.

For those of you who want to know. Here's the accurate information. The Derawan Islands, situated in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan, are a captivating spot with diverse marine attractions. 

Among them is the Underwater Garden, a particular highlight that attracts global tourists, particularly top-tier divers. 

Comprising three primary districts—Derawan Island, Maratua, and Biduk Biduk—the Derawan Islands showcase stunning natural beauty.

Kalimantan Island, with all its natural riches, presents unparalleled maritime tourism destinations. 

Amidst the azure ocean, Derawan stands out as a hidden gem offering spectacular adventures beneath its crystal-clear waters. 

As the morning sun illuminates its white sandy beaches, visitors are greeted by a row of traditional boats peacefully moored along the shore, ready to take them on an adventure into the open sea.

Derawan and its surrounding islands

Upon entering the waters of Derawan, visitors are welcomed by the mesmerizing underwater wonders. Colorful coral reefs and diverse species of tropical fish dance beneath the sunlight streaming from the surface. 

1. Enchanting Kakaban Island: a dive into marine wonder.2. Maritime beauty at one corner of Borneo Island.3. Underwater wealth: free-swimming fish adorn and enrich the seas of Kalimantan.

Snorkeling is the best way to explore the abundant marine life here. But for those seeking to delve deeper, diving is an inevitable choice. 

With the assistance of expert instructors, visitors can explore spectacular coral reefs and even encounter large marine animals such as sharks and turtles.

One of the main attractions of Derawan is its abundant population of sea turtles. Surrounding islands, such as Sangalaki Island, serve as important nesting grounds for turtles. 

Every night, visitors have a rare opportunity to witness turtles laying eggs or releasing hatchlings into the sea, a captivating and inspiring experience.

The marine charm of Kakaban island

Kakaban Island, with its famous jellyfish lake, offers a unique experience for visitors. In this lake, stingless jellyfish swim freely, creating a scene reminiscent of a living fantasy painting.

The allure of Derawan is not limited to its underwater life alone. The tropical islands surrounding it, such as Kakaban and Maratua, boast vast stretches of white sandy beaches, lush mangrove forests, and stunning natural landscapes. 

Boat trips through the beautiful mangrove ecosystems allow visitors to observe the wild life living there.

Boat trips through the beautiful mangrove ecosystems allow visitors to observe the wild life living there, including various bird and reptile species.

In addition to underwater activities, Derawan also offers a variety of additional activities such as fishing, sailing on calm waters, or simply relaxing on the beach while enjoying the stunning sunset. 

Amidst all this beauty, it is important to remember that environmental conservation is key to ensuring that this natural wonder can be enjoyed by future generations.

Unforgettable adventures for visitors

With its extraordinary natural wealth, Derawan and maritime tourism in Kalimantan Island promise unforgettable adventures for visitors brave enough to explore the pristine and natural beauty of the environment.

  1. Tropical Islands: Besides Derawan itself, there are several small islands nearby that also offer captivating tropical charm. Islands like Sangalaki, Kakaban, and Maratua boast white sandy beaches, mangrove forests, and stunning natural scenery.
  2. Jellyfish Lake: Kakaban Island is renowned for its unique jellyfish lake. Here, visitors can swim among stingless jellyfish, an experience both rare and unforgettable.
  3. Mangrove Ecosystem: Derawan also offers the opportunity to explore its important mangrove ecosystem. Tourists can journey by boat through the beautiful mangrove forest, observing the various flora and fauna living there.
  4. Additional Activities: Apart from snorkeling and diving, Derawan also offers various other activities such as fishing, sailing, and relaxing on the beach. Tourists can choose to spend their vacation participating in various activities or simply relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature.
  5. Environmental Conservation: It's important to note that the incredible natural resources in Derawan and its surroundings need to be protected and preserved. Conservation efforts, including responsible tourism management, are crucial to maintaining the beauty and diversity of the region's natural environment.

Experience the mesmerizing marine allure of Kakaban Island, where the unique jellyfish lake awaits exploration.

-- Masri Sareb Putra

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