Cornelis: Development of the IKN (Nusantara Capital City) Should Not Marginalize the Dayak People

Cornelis, a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR-RI) from Electoral District I of West Kalimantan, emphasized in an interview with Borneo Travel on Monday afternoon (June 3, 2024) that the resignation of the Head/Deputy Head of the National Capital Authority (IKN) was not due to any pressure from him. 

Commonly known as Pak Uda' among the people of West Kalimantan, this Kanayatn man, known for his firm yet kind demeanor, provided context. 

"It was an official meeting between DPR (The House of Representatives) Commission II and the National Capital Authority. It had nothing to do with any individuals or personal matters."

It was an official DPR meeting, not on behalf of any individual. The Governor of West Kalimantan from 2008 to 2018 explained that during the hearing between DPR Commission II and the National Capital Authority, they discussed a development model. This model was subsequently approved and favors the indigenous population.

"We have established a development pattern that considers the presence of the indigenous people. The Dayak people should not become extinct as a result of the major development of IKN," Cornelis added.

This statement clarifies the speculation surrounding the resignation of the IKN officials.

The resignation of Bambang Susantono as the Head of the IKN Authority, followed by the Deputy Head of the IKN Authority, Dhony Rahajoe, is not exactly known, as widely reported today.

Cornelis emphasized that the decision was made within the context of a mutual agreement between the DPR-RI and the National Capital Authority to ensure that the development of the new capital in Kalimantan does not harm the local community, including the Dayak tribe. 

This clarification is important to highlight the commitment to sustainable and inclusive development in Indonesia, as well as the need to protect the rights of indigenous peoples in the national development process. (X-5)

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