Clement Entiri Takes the Stage: An Iban Ethnomusical Journey

Clemence Joy's and his Video CDs featuring Dayak Iban songs.

Clemence Joy's is his popular name, especially known as the "brand" for his Video CDs of Dayak Iban songs that many people love. However, his real name is Clement anak Entiri.

Clement was born on April 28, 1970, in Sibu, Sarawak, as the son of Entiri. 

After finishing his high school education, he attended Rajang Teachers' College in Bintangor, where he trained to become a teacher, a career he pursued until 2017.

Clement's singing journey began during his school days when he won a competition at his high school in 1987. 

Clement strikes a pose.

The following year, in 1988, Clement clinched the top spot in the inter-high school competition in the Sibu division. His musical talents shone through again in college, where he emerged victorious in a band competition.

Clement won the Malay Song Competition in the Sibu division

His success didn't stop there. In 1992, Clement won the Malay Song Competition in the Sibu division, and in 2006, he took home the top prize in the Sibu FM Iban Song Contest. 

Clement recorded his first Iban album in 2008, adopting the stage name Clement Joy. The album was a huge hit, selling 25,000 copies. 

Clement's second album exceeded all expectations, with 35,000 units sold over two years. The hit song "Entara Dua" from this album earned several accolades in 2010: Best Dayak Song, Most Popular Dayak Singer, and Best Iban Song.

Frequently travels to Indonesia

An interesting fact about Clement is that he frequently travels to Indonesia. Along with his "sulu ati" (beloved) Dr. Patricia Ganing, he attended the First International Dayak Cultural Congress in Bengkayang in June 2017. 

Clement also went to Sintang for the First and Second Iban Summits held in Tapang Sambas, Sekadau, in March 2023. 

At both summits, Clement performed Iban and Indonesian songs, energizing the crowd and making people happy as they danced with their hands in the air and their feet tapping to the beat.

One interesting thing about Clement is that when he visits Indonesia, he often says "pulae ke menoa diri empu" (returning to his own home). 

This is a reminder of the Iban tribe's origins in Sarawak, Malaysia, which are recognized as originating from "Betang Ai" in the Kepuas region, once known as the mother river, named Tampun Juah.

Clement shares a warm moment with Dr. Patricia anak Ganing, his 'sulu ati'.

Today, Clement Joy remains active in the music scene, performing at various events, especially around Sibu. 

Aside from his musical career, he's also involved in modern agriculture and entrepreneurship.

--Masri Sareb Putra

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