The 12 Best National Parks in Borneo: Explore Rainforests, Caves, and Orangutans

National Parks
Orang Utans Tanjung Puting National Park. Doc. Borneo Travel

Borneo, the third-largest island on Earth, boasts dense rainforests, wild rivers, and a fascinating array of wildlife. Sadly, deforestation threatens this irreplaceable ecosystem. Thankfully, numerous national parks offer sanctuaries for endangered species and breathtaking natural beauty. Here are 12 of the best national parks in Borneo, showcasing the island's diverse wonders.

1.     Tanjung Puting National Park (Kalimantan, Indonesia)

  • Low-lying swamp forest teeming with wildlife, particularly orangutans and proboscis monkeys.
  • Boat trips along the Sekonyer River provide opportunities to spot wildlife feeding along the banks.
  • Despite conservation efforts, illegal logging and mining threaten this critical habitat.
  • Keep an eye out for the park's giant butterflies fluttering through the lush vegetation.
  • PHONE +62 822-5626-5230

2.     Sebangau National Park (Kalimantan, Indonesia)

  • Home to the largest orangutan population on Earth, making it a haven for these endangered primates.
  • Similar to Tanjung Puting, Sebangau has suffered from logging, but conservation efforts are ongoing.
  • Boat travel along the black waters of the Sebangau River offers glimpses of orangutans and other wildlife.
  • Witness wild orangutans and gibbons alongside semi-wild orangutans being rehabilitated.
  • PHONE +62 811-5233-525

3.     Bako National Park (Sarawak, Malaysia)

  • Easily accessible from Kuching by speedboat.
  • Diverse wildlife, including proboscis monkeys with impressive noses.
  • Offers trails ranging from leisurely walks to challenging hikes.
  • PHONE +60 11-6572 9229 

4.     Gunung Mulu National Park (Sarawak, Malaysia)

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its extensive cave systems.
  • Home to 17 distinct vegetation zones, teeming with plant and animal life.
  • The Pinnacles Trail is a challenging multi-day trek offering stunning views.
  • PHONE +60 85-792 300


5.     Gunung Gading National Park (Sarawak, Malaysia)

  • Popular spot to see the world's largest parasitic flower, the Rafflesia.
  • Offers hikes to waterfalls and the summit of Mount Gading.
  • Check with park authorities to see if Rafflesia flowers are in bloom.
  • PHONE +60 82-735 144

6.     Lambir Hills National Park (Sarawak, Malaysia)

  • Diverse flora and fauna, with over 1,005 tree species.
  • Easy accessibility with trails catering to all experience levels.
  • Offers hikes to waterfalls, historical remnants, and even a bubbling oil well.
  • Simple on-site lodging allows for night walks and wildlife encounters.
  • PHONE +60 11-6572 9433

7.     Kubah National Park (Sarawak, Malaysia)

  • Ideal for a day trip from Kuching with several scenic trails and waterfalls.
  • Features diverse plant life, including 93 palm species and numerous orchids.
  • Not the top choice for wildlife viewing, but offers a beautiful rainforest escape.
  • PHONE +60 82-845 033

8.     Niah National Park (Sarawak, Malaysia)

  • A paradise for archaeologists and cave enthusiasts, featuring impressive limestone shelters.
  • Site of significant discoveries of human tools and remains dating back 40,000 years.
  • Offers elevated walkways for safe cave exploration and a glimpse into swiftlet nest harvesting.
  • PHONE +60 85-417 130

9.     Kinabalu National Park (Sabah, Malaysia)

  • Home to Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia's highest peak, offering challenging climbs.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its incredible biodiversity.
  • Spot various birds, mammals, and a staggering number of orchid and fern species.
  • Look for carnivorous pitcher plants while trekking through the diverse landscape.
  • PHONE .....

10. Tawau Hills Park (Sabah, Malaysia)

  • A crucial refuge for wildlife displaced by palm oil plantations.
  • Observe gibbons, hornbills, and red leaf monkeys in their natural habitat.
  • Popular for day trips and picnics, especially with locals.
  • Offers hot springs, waterfalls, and volcanic landscapes in the interior.
  • PHONE +60 13-884 1321

11. Crocker Range National Park (Sabah, Malaysia)

  • Sabah's largest park, encompassing 540 square miles of mountainous terrain.
  • Challenging hikes reward visitors with panoramic views and glimpses of the Padas River.
  • The Gunung Alab Substation offers a cool respite after exploring the hot jungle.
  • Home to rare plants, orangutans, gibbons, and a dedicated insectarium showcasing unique Borneo insects.
  • PHONE +60 88-523 500

12. Ulu Temburong National Park (Brunei)

  • A model of ecotourism, protecting pristine rainforest through responsible practices.
  • Accessible only by longboat, offering a true wilderness experience.
  • Explore the forest canopy via a network of boardwalks and a thrilling suspended walkway.
  • Observe hornbills, monkeys, and diverse rainforest creatures in their natural habitat.
  • PHONE ........

This concludes the list of the 12 Best National Parks in Borneo. Remember, Borneo's rainforests are some of the most biodiverse on Earth, but habitat loss is a serious threat. By visiting these national parks and supporting responsible tourism practices, you can help ensure the future of Borneo's incredible wildlife and ecosystems.

Here are some additional thoughts to consider for your trip:

  • Best Time to Visit: Generally, the dry season (April to October) offers the best weather conditions for hiking and exploring. However, some regions may have different weather patterns.
  • Accommodation: National parks offer various lodging options, from basic campsites to comfortable eco-lodges. Research and book accommodations in advance, especially during peak season.
  • Permits and Regulations: Certain parks require permits for trekking or specific activities. Familiarize yourself with park regulations and obtain necessary permits before your visit.
  • Respecting Wildlife: Observe wildlife from a safe distance and avoid disturbing their natural behavior.
  • Leave No Trace Principles: Minimize your impact on the environment by packing out all trash and respecting the natural beauty of these parks.

Borneo offers an unforgettable adventure for nature lovers. With its diverse national parks, you can explore ancient rainforests, encounter fascinating wildlife, and delve into the rich cultural heritage of the island. By following responsible tourism practices, you can contribute to the preservation of this irreplaceable natural treasure.


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