Keling Kumang Agro in Sintang Welcomed and Served as a Learning Source for Four Youngsters from the Netherlands

Keling Kumang Agro in Sintang sounds like a fantastic spot for young people from the Netherlands to enjoy agrotourism. 

Agrotourism is now available in Sintang, in the eastern region of West Kalimantan. 

Keling Kumang Agro, located in "Bumi Senentang," may seem ordinary to the local population, but for people from abroad, especially Europe and America, it is truly fascinating. It is even intended to become one of the tourist attractions in West Kalimantan.

Keling Kumang Agro in Sintang sounds like a fantastic spot for young people from the Netherlands to enjoy agrotourism. 

Exploring agricultural landscapes can be both educational and enjoyable, offering a glimpse into different cultures and farming practices.

It's wonderful to see cross-cultural exchanges like this taking place, enriching the experiences of travelers and fostering greater appreciation for the diversity of our world.

Four youths from the Netherlands

"We were proud to welcome four youths from the Netherlands, namely Noah, Finn, Nadia, and Faye," said Itoi Thomas Aquino. Aquino is the Deputy for the Koperasi Produsen Keling Kumang Agro (Producer Cooperative Division), but is referred to externally as the Manager of the KK Agro Cooperative, since the cooperative has its own legal entity.

The enthusiasm shown by the young people from the Netherlands.

 "They have just completed their high school education and plan to continue their studies at the university level. Their visit was not just about discussions; they actively participated in various activities at the demonstration plot," Itoi expressed brightly and with full enthusiasm.

The enthusiasm shown by the young people from the Netherlands, Itoi remarked, deserves commendation,  "At 17 and 18 years old, it was their first time seeing cacao, coffee, durian, and avocado trees. Until now, they had only encountered these fruits in their local markets, imported from other countries."

Activities at the demonstration plot 

Activities at the demonstration plot included feeding layer chickens, fertilizing fruit with compost, and cleaning and organizing eggs. The event concluded with lunch and a discussion.

The food, cooked by the team at the plot, was praised for its deliciousness, especially the free-range chicken with sour eggplant, grilled catfish, fried balor lais, and boiled cassava leaves with shrimp paste dip. All ingredients were harvested directly from the plot, except for the balor, which was purchased from a market vendor.

Young people from Europe come seeking new experiences and showing interest in agriculture. How about the young people in your area? Do they also have the courage and interest to explore new worlds?

"Thank you, Noah, Finn, Nadia, and Faye, for your visit, for sharing insights about your country, and for working directly with us here," so did Itoi express his appreciation.

For your information, the Keling Kumang Agro Producer Cooperative operates in agriculture, plantations, livestock, and production.

- Rangkaya Bada

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