Four Young People from the Netherlands Learning Barista Skills at Lupung Cafe, Sekadau


Four young people from the Netherlands: earnestly learning to be baristas at Lupung Cafe.

Four young people from the Netherlands are currently involved in a rewarding internship program. They are immersing themselves in diverse facets of the agricultural and creative economy sectors.

One facet of their experience involves learning bartending skills at Keling Kumang Agro, a venture highlighted by Itoi Thomas Aguino for its innovative approach. 

This opportunity not only enhances their vocational proficiency but also provides them with firsthand exposure to the intricacies of agricultural practices and the art of mixology.

Learning barista skills at Lupung Cafe

Furthermore, they are actively participating in skill-building activities at Lupung Cafe, an establishment closely associated with the Keling Kumang Credit Union Movement. 

Under the guidance of experienced mentors, these individuals are honing their barista skills while also gaining valuable insights into community-driven initiatives and cooperative movements. 

This comprehensive learning experience not only equips them with practical expertise but also fosters a deeper understanding of social and economic dynamics within the local context.

To refresh your memory, the four recent high school graduates are Noah, Finn, Nadia, and Faye. After gaining experience and expanding their knowledge at Keling Kumang Agro in Sintang, they are now interning at Lupung Cafe in Sekadau.

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Four young individuals hailing from the Netherlands are currently honing their barista skills at Lupung Cafe, nestled in the heart of Sekadau.

A barista is someone skilled in the making and presentation of coffee beverages, especially espresso. They not only craft coffee drinks but also are responsible for mastering various techniques such as grinding coffee beans, extracting espresso, measuring and mixing other ingredients like milk, and decorating coffee drinks with beautiful designs. 

Baristas also often act as hosts in coffee shops, welcoming customers, taking orders, and providing friendly customer service.

Learning and enjoying every process of becoming skilled baristas.

"The four learners from the Netherlands are truly enthusiastic. Their dedication is evident. It's truly admirable, and that's how every young generation should prepare themselves for the 'school of life,'" said Anwar, a member of the Keling Kumang Education Foundation board.

A call of history

Reflecting on the history of the Nusantara, the four young persons from the Netherlands represent a "call of history." 

In the past, the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) planted a significant amount of coffee in the Nusantara. 

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Some remnants or legacies of VOC coffee are still preserved in Jangkang and Krayan (North Kalimantan) and grow wild along riverbanks. 

These coffee trees are tall and large, with some bearing fruit and others not. Judging by their morphology, the VOC legacy coffee is of the Robusta variety.

Gerakan Credit Union Keling Kumang - GKCUKK (The Keling Kumang Credit Union Movement) with all its business entities, has now become a "learning center" for many people, including learners from abroad.

- Masri Sareb Putra

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