Babi Guling Made: A Taste of Bali in Pontianak

A taste of Bali in Pontianak.

Especially for those who enjoy pork, if you're traveling or touring Pontianak, your trip isn't complete without trying the local cuisine.

The presentation and enjoyment of Babi Guling Made Pontianak are perfectly balanced: pleasing to the eye and delightful to the taste.

The Balinese ambiance in Pontianak 

Residents of Pontianak and the surrounding areas who crave the iconic Balinese dish, babi guling, no longer need to fly to the Island of the Gods. Why? Because now, authentic Balinese cuisine is available in Pontianak. Introducing Babi Guling Made Bali. Where exactly? You can find the details below, but first, let me tell you about the deliciousness of this specialty dish.

The Balinese ambiance in Pontianak is truly exotic. During lunch or dinner, it's hard to find a seat. Sometimes, you have to patiently stand and wait for others to finish.

Delightful to the taste, pleasing to the eye

When you're in this little slice of Bali in Pontianak, don't miss the chance to taste the nasi babi guling. 

It's a culinary delight that combines extraordinary flavors with the secret to making crispy babi guling skin. A piece of Bali in Pontianak offers a dish that has captivated the taste buds of Pontianak residents and culinary enthusiasts from all over West Kalimantan. 

They flock here for the flavors, especially the nasi babi guling, also known as nasi campur babi panggang, a tantalizing dish that reveals the secrets behind its deliciousness.

On a plate of fluffy white rice, there are slices of savory and crispy roast pork. It's truly mouthwatering. Your mouth might water as your friend next to you starts chewing, and your portion isn't ready yet.

Complemented by other dishes

That's not all. The Babi Guling Made menu is also complemented by other dishes that make it an extraordinary culinary experience.

There's lawar, a fresh mix of vegetables with a variety of flavors, urap adding a crunchy touch, offal giving a unique taste, and even chicken skin that will surprise you. All this is perfected with sambal matah, adding the perfect spicy touch.

But what makes the babi guling skin so special? The secret to its crispiness lies in two magical ingredients: coconut water and turmeric.

When the babi guling skin is coated with a cola liquid, it gives a tempting reddish hue. Then, the roasting process over charcoal, while turning it, creates the highly desired crispy texture. The result is a babi guling skin that is irresistibly flavorful with unmatched consistency.

Culinary story doesn't end there

There are also pork skin crackers adding an unforgettable crunch. Additionally, there is a soup broth that helps to soothe the spiciness of the sambal after enjoying this special dish. Everything comes together perfectly, creating harmony in every bite. So much so that this dish not only pampers the taste buds but also the throat.

So, when you are in this Bali of Pontianak, don't miss the chance to taste this nasi babi guling. It's a fascinating culinary story that combines extraordinary flavors with the secret of making crispy babi guling skin, creating an unforgettable dining experience on this beautiful island.

Here is the location of Babi Guling Made Bali, the charming Balinese restaurant in West Kalimantan that you've been waiting for (for those who haven't been there).

Address: X88Q+5VJ, Jl. Chairil Anwar, Benua Melayu Darat, Kec. Pontianak Sel., Kota Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat 78243, Indonesia.

Phone: +62 852-4806-9955

Website: Babi Guling Made Bali Website

-- Aninda Cayank

If you want to use Google Maps to help you reach Babi Guling Made Bali in West Kalimantan, use the following map coordinates: -0.0345416, 109.3396417. (Rangkaya Bada)

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