Batu Tinggi: Exploring Diverse Attractions in One Destination


The enchanting magic of the Batu Tinggi panorama at dusk.

When contemplating a journey to the picturesque region of West Kalimantan, specifically the alluring Sekadau Regency, a hidden gem by the name of Batu Tinggi beckons travelers with its irresistible charm. The distance between Pontianak and Sekadau in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, is approximately 206 kilometers by land route. However, the actual distance may vary depending on the route taken and road conditions.

Nestled along the serene banks of the Sekadau River, in the heart of Sekadau Hilir Subdistrict within the Sekadau Regency of West Kalimantan, this captivating tourist destination stands as a testament to nature's artistry.
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Batu Tinggi, a name that translates to "Tall Rock," unveils itself as an ephemeral marvel, an enchanting spectacle that unveils its grandeur exclusively during the embrace of the dry season. As the Sekadau River's waters gradually recede, an intricate landscape of majestic boulders emerges from beneath the veil of streaming currents, transforming the riverbed into a surreal panorama that captures the imagination.

Fishing is one of the captivating attractions of Batu Tinggi tourist destination.

The emergence of Batu Tinggi, however, is a well-kept secret shared only with those fortunate enough to witness its spectacle. A celestial pact with Bumi LawangKuwari, the local land, demands the heavens withhold their tears for a span of no less than a week. 

Should the skies choose to remain quiescent and the land stays untouched by rain, Batu Tinggi reveals itself in all its grandeur. In the annals of 2023, amid the mid-August days, this natural marvel has graced the world with its presence, courtesy of Sekadau's rainless respite.

Immersed within the allure of Batu Tinggi is an artistry that extends beyond the realm of nature's handiwork. Reverberating through time is a poignant folksong, echoing through the hearts of locals and wanderers alike:

Batu Tinggi Batu tinggi, batu tinggi dalam Sekadau

Nampak bila, nampak bila aik kemarau 

Aku tiduk, aku tiduk tengigau-ngigau 

Pandai ngonang, pandai ngonang abo di rantau

Batu Tinggi, Batu tinggi, batu tinggi in the Sekadau river,
Visible when, visible when the dry season comes,
I sleep, I sleep talking in my sleep,
Because of longing, truly longing for my sibling in a distant land.

This lyrical masterpiece, adorned with a profundity that transcends its words, stands as a veritable treasure trove of research potential. It presents a compelling subject for scholarly exploration, particularly within the realms of Indonesian Language and Literature, inviting enthusiasts to unravel its essence, context, and the zeitgeist from which it sprang. 

While the hand that breathed life into this verse remains veiled in anonymity as N.N., recent revelations on digital platforms attribute its creation to the maestro Lukman Nul Hakim, serenaded by the melodious voice of Ida Ariefaty. A quest for its enchanting strains can be fulfilled on the digital tapestry of YouTube, where the beauty of words entwines with mellifluous melodies.

By visiting the Batu Tinggi tourist attraction, you encompass a spectrum of identities: an adventurer, a traveler, a history enthusiast, an environmental advocate, a socio-cultural aficionado, and much more. The fusion of beauty and contentment harmoniously unfolds within the pristine panorama and natural ambiance, weaving an exquisite tapestry that satiates a multitude of passions.

Within the realm of Batu Tinggi's allure, fishing emerges as an indelible thread that weaves the fabric of its appeal. Here, it is not solely the domain of the seasoned angler, but an endeavor that transcends age and gender. Fishing becomes an intrinsic part of the Batu Tinggi experience, an embodiment of the connection between humans and nature. 

Casting lines from the tranquil shores or even from the gentle cradle of boats, the endeavor rewards those who seek patience with the treasures of the river. 

In the words of Aidah, a native Melayu of Sekadau, "Fish can also be caught—species like tilan, baong, and toman, and occasionally, if fortune deems it so, the elusive "udang galah" (bighead prawn) graces the angler's line."

As one ponders the multifaceted allure of Batu Tinggi, a symphony of nature, culture, and history interweaves in harmonious resonance. A journey to this timeless haven in the heart of West Kalimantan promises not just an escape, but an immersion into the very essence of a land where rocks speak, rivers dance, and souls find solace.

Tourists domestically express their satisfaction by giving a thumbs-up while experiencing the natural ambiance of Batu Tinggi tourism.

Batu Tinggi not only presents captivating land-based attractions but also invites travelers to indulge in its maritime wonders. As the first light of dawn breaks, a mesmerizing spectacle unfolds before our eyes – the sunrise. 

Emerging from the eastern horizon, the sun paints the sky with a delicate palette of reddish and golden hues. Its warm embrace bathes the surroundings in a soft glow, a mesmerizing dance of colors that mirrors its ascent above the horizon.

This enchanting sunrise takes center stage, captivating the senses as its radiant beams kiss the surface of the Sekadau River. The gentle ripples of the river's waters become a canvas upon which nature paints its masterpiece, reflecting the sun's fiery majesty with a serene grace. 

The confluence of elements – water, light, and sky – harmoniously unite to create a symphony of hues that transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible impression on those fortunate enough to bear witness.

As the day matures, Batu Tinggi continues to weave its magic, this time embracing the twilight hours with equal splendor. The afternoon sun begins its descent, casting a warm, golden glow upon the landscape. 

The skies take on an ethereal quality, as if woven from threads of amber and gold, setting the stage for an enchanting performance – the sunset.

In a breathtaking display, the sun gradually dips below the horizon, casting its radiant farewell across the expanse of Bumi Lawang Kuwari. 

As the golden hues meld with the landscape, an aura of tranquility envelops the surroundings. Time seems to stand still as nature bids adieu to the day, its warm embrace instilling a sense of peace and wonder in the hearts of all who bear witness.

In this delicate interplay between light and landscape, Batu Tinggi reveals itself as a haven of maritime marvels. 

Whether it's the ethereal sunrise that ignites the day with its vibrant palette or the serene sunset that brings a day's journey to a close. The allure of Batu Tinggi extends beyond its terrestrial grandeur, inviting explorers to immerse themselves in a symphony of natural beauty that transcends time and captures the very essence of the land.*)

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