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Tanjung Puting in Short Stories
 Tanjung Puting in Short Stories

Travelers, foreign and domestic tourists, if they go to Kalimantan; haven't visited Tanjung Puting National Park in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan, it feels incomplete.

What is the charm of the Tanjung Puting ecotourism destination?

As it is known that Tanjung Puting National Park is a national park located on the southwestern peninsula of Central Kalimantan province. Tanjung Puting was originally a nature reserve and wildlife reserve established by the Dutch East Indies Government in 1937. Furthermore, based on the Decree of the Minister of Forestry 687/Kpts-II/1996 dated 25 October 1996, Tanjung Puting was designated as a National Park with a total area of ​​415,040 hectare.

We are not discussing the uniqueness and competitive advantage of Tanjung Puting compared to other ecotourism in Kalimantan. However, tracing how the authors conducted research at this location, in such a way, resulted in the birth and publication of this unique collection of short stories: Tanjung Puting in Short Stories.

This is the creative process of a short story - and a collection of short stories - which is unusual.
In literature, especially novels, novellas and short stories, it is known that setting always involves two things: 1) place and 2) time.
The locus, or setting for this short story, is Tanjung Puting National Park (TNTP), Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. To get there, we – aspiring writers – must first enter the Kumai pier, to untie the moored cruise ship.
By boat, we sailed along the river upstream. Arriving at the estuary where the two currents meet, enter the Sekonyer river. Previously, the name was not Sekonyer, but Crocodile River because the river is the habitat of crocodiles with long snouts.
The name of the ship: Sultan Ageyo, owned by temporary officials The Regent of Barito Selatan at that time, H. Mugeni. Deliberately borrowed, along with the rations, to 15 short stories to explore the Setting of the Tanjung Puting short story in short stories.
It's unusual for people to write short stories with research on the locus first. Like these 15 short stories from the Central Kalimantan Dayak Literacy community.

Explaining the principles of short stories, 5 types of conflict, and how to open a good story, without being presumptuous, starting with: the sun. Short story writers are enthusiastic about listening to and observing: writing literature on cruise ships. Masri Sareb Putra shared with the participants about the tricks of writing short stories.

Along the bend of the river, nipah trees are lined up neatly. The wind that blows shakes the palm leaves and midribs, as if to say welcome. At the sound of animal sounds, and the sound of the proboscis monkeys screaming loudly, how fun.
This is our creative process of writing and making short stories and a short story collection book TANJUNG PUTING IN STORIES. Sultan, Mugeni's cruise ship, he provided complete with rations for the short story writers to the location to study the setting. This is unusual.
While on vacation, on the cruise ship "SULTA

Mugeni indeed, the writer who got lost became an official.

N" owned by Mugeni, we wrote short stories. 15 writers, including Mugeni, wrote a short story with the setting of Tanjung Puting which was nicknamed TANJUNG PUTING IN THE SHORT SHORT. Letting us go at the Kadisbudpar port, while giving motivation and congratulations on writing.

A journey across, which feels more exciting and memorable than the companies hundreds of years ago, along the river and the same area. Even cooler equipment and its purpose.

We write eternity.

Head of Culture and Tourism Office of West Kotawaringin Regency, Drs. GST.  M. IMANSYAH, aboard Mugeni's cruise ship, gave us encouragement, introduction, and motivation to write about exploring Tanjung Puting's tourist attractions.
An incomparable appreciation. Support for tourism promotion via writing, which will be read by citizens of the world via: google play store, Kindle, and Amazon.
The book has been published. Works by 15 exotic authors. Introduced by a senior Indonesian writer, Ahmadun Y. Herfanda. And launched anyway. *)
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