Vero: The Charm of Dayak Women's Beauty

Photo credit: Vero's documentation.

I knew her, when Vero — as she's commonly called — was the MC for TVRI Kalimantan Tengah (Central Kalimantan). 

From 2017 to 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic, under the guidance of Dr. Suriansyah Murhaini, the custodian of TVRI Kalteng's Nostalgic Songs program, we often booked that show. Whether it was for PGRI, professors, friends from UPR, or the Dayak Literacy Institute.

Vero: an amateur singer with a modest voice

As an amateur singer with a modest voice, Vero generously shared her guidance with me in the TVRI Kalteng studio. Her patience extended not only to me but also to our friends who participated in the Nostalgic Songs program. 

Beyond her role as an MC, Vero revealed her skill as a singer, demonstrating her proficiency and passion for music.

I had already met and gotten to know the tall, young doctor back then. Now, she's a real doctor at a hospital in Palangka Raya.

The Charm of Dayak Women's Beauty

Vero, or as we say it, bawi itah (Dayak woman), is proud of her Dayak heritage. Miss Central Kalimantan 2019 noted this:

"Born as a Dayak woman, I feel proud of God's gift of this rich and extraordinary land," said Vero, reflecting on her roots.

 "Some might know Borneo as the 'Lungs of the World,' but to me, it's 'MORE' than that! Central Kalimantan, with its lush forests and diverse wildlife, is a true paradise brimming with natural and biological resources."

Her admiration for the region extended beyond its physical beauty. "My pride in its rich local wisdom and culture runs deep," she continued. 

"At the Miss Indonesia 2019 pageant, I will proudly showcase the essence of Central Kalimantan's heritage, emphasizing its significance and contributions to our collective heritage," so spoke the woman standing at 182 centimeters tall, whose full name is Veronica Peni Laba.

Vero's words resonated with sincerity, echoing the reverence she held for her Dayak identity and the profound connection she felt with her homeland.

-- Rangkaya Bada

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