Theresa Christya: An Inspiring Young Dayak Entrepreneur in the Jamu Industry

Theresa plays a crucial role in developing and modernizing the traditional jamu business.

Theresa Christya exemplifies the shift in perspective and strong determination of the millennial generation in pursuing careers and businesses. 

As someone with Dayak roots, Theresa Christya has successfully redefined traditional boundaries by becoming an entrepreneur who charts her own course. 

Amid the fast-paced modern era, Christya chose the entrepreneurial path immediately after completing her education. She did not seek conventional employment as is often the norm.

Theresa Christya and Indonesian herbal tonic

In the context of the jamu business, Theresa plays a pivotal role as a trailblazer with a vastly different image. Jamu is often referred to a traditional Indonesian herbal medicine or Indonesian herbal tonic.

Theresa Christya: an inspiring young Dayak entrepreneur in the Jamu Industry. Credit foto: Ist.

Unlike the typical "si mbok Jamu" image usually associated with traditional jamu sellers in conventional attire, Theresa introduces a new image of a jamu seller, with a stylish, contemporary, and modern appearance. She proves that being a jamu entrepreneur does not require adhering to traditional norms.

Theresa, also known as Tesa, demonstrates that the millennial generation possesses new spirit and perspectives towards careers and businesses. 

When meeting fellow college friends, the question is no longer "Where do you work?" but "What is your business?" This reflects a shift in how young people view careers and success. For them, being an entrepreneur is something to be proud of and valuable.

Theresa also showcases the courage to take risks

Theresa's different approach embodies an entrepreneurial spirit that prioritizes creativity, innovation, and ownership. Even though she had opportunities to work in larger companies, she chose to be her own boss. Theresa believes that being a "small king" in her own business is far more meaningful than being a "great minister" in someone else's company. 

Tesa also showcases the courage to take risks. Despite having an excellent educational background, she did not choose the safe path of working for someone else. 

Instead, Theresa decided to build her own business. This perspective reflects the attitude that education is not merely for finding a job, but for honing the skills and knowledge that will equip her to face life's challenges.

Theresa plays a crucial role in developing and modernizing the traditional jamu business

Theresa plays a crucial role in developing and modernizing the traditional jamu business. By producing natural boiled jamu unique to Dayak culture, she provides a fresh touch that emphasizes quality and health benefits. Moreover, she applies online marketing strategies, showcasing the millennial generation's ability to adapt to technological advancements.

Theresa Christya is an inspiring example of a brave and creative millennial facing the challenges of the times. Theresa is not only a successful entrepreneur but also bridges tradition with innovation. Her work is changing perceptions about careers and business among the younger generation.

-- Masri Sareb Putra

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