Twelve Americans Orient on Humanitarian Mission in Krayan and Visit Batu Ruyud Writing Camp

Dr. Yansen TP (center) provided information about Krayan and Batu Ruyud to the twelve American guests.

On May 17, 2023, twelve Americans traveling to Batu Ruyud arrived in Tarakan. They are prospective MAF pilots, volunteers, and social workers from the United States who are undergoing orientation while also enjoying the beauty and craftsmanship of Krayan's natural environment. 

The humanitarian mission of the twelve Americans deserves high praise

The twelve Americans are: Jordan Marsh, David Revell, Rebekah Payne, Esther McKaig, Christin Wisniewski, Wesley Bowles, Jonathan Gross, Katie Johnson, Marcus Ramirez, and Jack Clay. Their two adult chaperones are Mr. Dan and Mrs. Jodi.

Guided by Jeremy, the manager of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), these kind-hearted Americans received an introduction to the nature, culture, and people of Krayan from Masri Sareb Putra, a writer and Dayak cultural expert. 

Masri, a writer of 160 books and a Dayak cultural expert, explained the natural environment of Kalimantan, its people, as well as its culture and languages. The twelve Americans, eager to learn, asked many questions.

Following this, Dr. Yansen TP, the owner of the Batu Ruyud area, who was born in Krayan and is currently the Deputy Governor of North Kalimantan, provided an overview of the Batu Ruyud region.

Dr. Yansen TP is depicted in the inscription of the Batu Ruyud Writing Camp.

Batu Ruyud, in the past, before the 2022 Writing Camp activities, was not well known. However, it is now a renowned area featuring organic farming, plantations, and natural tourism in the village of Fe' Milau, Central Krayan District, Nunukan Regency, located within the Kayan Mentarang National Park. Just Google "Batu Ruyud," and you'll find numerous stories and reviews about it.

 Not much different from America

At the Swiss-Belhotel restaurant in Tarakan, while sipping coffee and hot tea, the twelve Americans, accompanied by Jeremy as their translator, appeared to be at ease with Dr. Yansen TP. They attentively listened to Yansen's explanation about the pristine and cool natural environment of Krayan, North Borneo.

"You will definitely like it because the weather is cool, even cold. It's not much different from America," he said, which was met with an enthusiastic "Wow!" from the audience.

Jeremy's exemplary behavior

Jeremy is an American with an "Indonesian heart, specifically a Dayak heart." In addition to being a pilot for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), he is also an MAF manager in Tarakan, always willing to lend a hand to the community and anyone in need.

"I am pleased with Jeremy," said Yansen, a prominent Dayak figure and the Deputy Governor of North Kalimantan. 

Jeremy (right) and Masri Sareb Putra in a humanitarian activity in Krayan.

"Jeremy's stature might not be tall or large by American standard, but he is very agile and flexible. For his service and dedication in North Kalimantan, I extend my thanks," Yansen continued. 

"I hope all of you, the younger ones, can follow Jeremy's exemplary behavior."

Thus, Dr. Yansen concluded the warm discussion and meeting one evening in Tarakan, North Kalimantan.

-- Rangkaya Bada

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