The Sensation of the Krayan River Suspension Bridge

The overflow of expressions as American travelers experience the sensation of crossing the Krayan River suspension bridge in Ba' Binuang.

The 12 adventurers, travelers, surveyors, and aspiring social and humanitarian workers from America have set foot and breathed the fresh air of Krayan. Their hearts were filled with immense joy. 

After staying at a simple guesthouse owned by Kalvin Pagu, located in front of Samuel Tipa Padan Airport, the Americans headed to Batu Ruyud, a ranch owned by Dr. Yansen Tipa Padan, situated about 15 kilometers from Binuang. 

Batu Ruyud was one of their main destinations. The Fe' Milau village area, historically significant for the "Batu Ruyud Writing Camp" in late 2022, is pristine and green, adorned with rice fields. Additionally, it boasts a highway that traverses the hills.

The Sensation of the Krayan River Suspension Bridge

Westerners, or people from America and Europe, appreciate natural elements. The Krayan River bridge in Ba' Binuang, for example, has main pillars made from strong ironwood. Only the cables are made from round steel. 

The base or floor of this suspension bridge is made from arranged wooden planks. Is it sturdy? Very sturdy. It sways for balance, but not only people, even motorcycles cross this wooden bridge. It was built cooperatively by the residents of Ba' Binuang village.

The natural bridge, commonly referred to as the "Suspension Bridge" that spans the Krayan River in Ba' Binuang village, Central Krayan, North Kalimantan, is truly unique. Besides creating a thrilling sensation when crossed due to its swaying for balance, the Krayan River bridge connecting Ba' Binuang and Malinau has an interesting story.

The suspension bridge over the Krayan River in Ba' Binuang village is not the first one. It has been replaced many times. 

Why? The reason is that this suspension bridge has been swept away by the rushing waters of the Krayan River during major floods.

The width of the bridge, which hangs over the Krayan River, is no less than 30 meters. From the top, you can experience the thrill of looking left and right, and especially looking down at the flowing water below.

Turning obstacles into opportunities

Were the 12 adventurers from America afraid to cross the Krayan River via this sensational suspension bridge? It turns out, no! On the contrary, they enjoyed it as a test of courage, a challenge that not only had to be faced but also enjoyed.

"Luar biasa!" (Extraordinary) said two people in the video when asked about their experience crossing the Krayan suspension bridge, giving a thumbs up. 

Yes, that's "Adversity Quotient," the intelligence to overcome obstacles, as written by Paul Stoltz in 1997. 

We must learn from the American people, who bravely face every obstacle in their path and turn it into an opportunity.

The 12 Americans who ventured to the Krayan Highlands are Jordan Marsh, David Revell, Rebekah Payne, Esther McKaig, Christin Wisniewski, Wesley Bowles, Jonathan Gross, Katie Johnson, Marcus Ramirez, and Jack Clay. 

These young people are future MAF pilots, social workers, and humanitarian mission workers in Kalimantan. They are accompanied by Mr. Dan and Mrs. Jodi.

-- Masri Sareb Putra

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