The Munyokng Traditional Ritual in Ketapang: Preserving Dayak Cultural Heritage

The 51st King of Hulu Aik, Petrus Singa Bansa, and Patih Jaga Pati, Alexander Wilyo, in the Muyokng ceremony.

The traditional Dayak ritual in Ketapang Regency, West Kalimantan, up to now not only still exists but also thrives. 

Patih Jaga Pati Laman Sembilan Domong Sepuluh Hulu Aik Kingdom, who is also the Sekretaris Daerah (Secretary of the District) of Ketapang Regency, Raden Cendaga Pintu Bumi Jaga Banua, Alexander Wilyo, S. STP., M. Si., held the Munyokng traditional ritual at the Jaga Pati Palace complex on Wednesday (1/5/2024). 

This customary ceremony is not only a manifestation of Dayak cultural preservation, but it also represents a harmonious relationship between humans and the Creator, among themselves, with ancestors, and with the universe. 

One of the cultural events in West Kalimantan that can be an attractive tourism agenda.

The Munyokng traditional ritual 

In the Munyokng ritual led by Kanuroh Awan 3, besides Patih Jaga Pati, Singa Bansa, the 51st King of Hulu Aik, also attended.

The Munyokng traditional ritual according to the Simpang Sekayok tradition is a ritual of petition and supplication to the Duata Perimbang Alam Bumi Tanah Arai for the smooth running of the Menaiki Rumah Agong Jurong Tinggi (inauguration) of the Jaga Pati Palace, which will take place on May 2-4, 2024.

On May 2, the event commenced with the Adat Menait Bale Kepatihan ritual (placing the Bale Kepatihan), led by Sutaragi (ritual leader of the Hulu Aik Kingdom).

Following Menait Bale, the event continued with the Buang Sial ritual at Sungai Pawan in the Rumah Adat Lingkar Kota. This event was also led by Domong of the Hulu Aik Kingdom.

This marked the continuation of one of the traditional ceremonies and rituals of the Hulu Aik Kingdom that is still actively practiced.

After the Buang Sial traditional ritual, the event proceeded with the Timang Tanduk Sengiang Holang traditional ritual (traditional dance of the Hulu Aik Kingdom) at the Kepatihan Palace.

Later, at 7:00 PM, a press conference was held at the Jaga Pati Palace Pavilion.

The following day, May 3, 2024, the event began with the welcoming of the 51st King of Hulu Aik, Patih Jaga Pati, the domongs, and the guests with the Kutamaro traditional ritual (welcoming tradition according to the Pesaguan Sekayuk tradition).

Subsequently, the 51st King of Hulu Aik, Patih Jaga Pati, the domongs, and the guests were greeted with the Ngalu custom (traditional guest welcoming according to the Simpang Sekayok tradition).

Following this, the 51st King of Hulu Aik, Patih Jaga Pati, the domongs, and the guests proceeded to their seats accompanied by Senggayung music from Jalai Sekayuk, followed by the Beganjak dance from Kendawangan Seakaran.

Next was the traditional ritual of establishing Ponti'/Pantak Padagi. During this ritual, there was also a ceremony of uniting land and water from all regions of Laman Sembilan Domong Sepuluh.

After the ritual of establishing Ponti'/Pantak Padagi, there was a traditional feast.

Following the traditional feast, there was a begendang event, with dancing and beigal accompanied by drums ala Kendawangan Seakaran.

Launching of the Oath of Dayak Sovereignty book

On the third day, May 4, 2024, the activities will begin with the traditional guest welcoming, silat performances, followed by solo dances and Beganjak, welcoming dances,

After that, the event will continue with the ceremonial inauguration of the Jaga Pati Palace: Indonesia Raya song, Mars Dayak, prayers, Committee report, launching of the Oath of Dayak Sovereignty book, speech from Patih Jaga Pati, signing of the book's back cover by Patih Jaga Pati, ethnic figure speeches, Ketapang Regent speech, Dayak Creation dance titled Beramu, Kisar Pesalin event according to Jalai Sekayuk tradition, begendang event, dancing - beigal ala Pesaguan Sekayuk, and finally, a socialization & entertainment event.

Since April 29, various forms of contributions for the inauguration of the Jaga Pati Palace have started to pour into the Jaga Pati headquarters.

These contributions come from various parts of the Laman Sembilan Domong Sepuluh Hulu Aik Kingdom region.

The Laman Sembilan Domong Sepuluh Hulu Aik Kingdom region

The Laman Sembilan Domong Sepuluh Hulu Aik Kingdom region includes: Darat Pantai Kapuas Village, Labai Lawai, Simpang Sekayok, Laur Jokak, Bihak Krio, Tayap-Kayong Gerunggang, Pesaguan Sekayok, Jalai Sekayok, Kendawangan Seakaran, and Central Borneo.

From Simpang Sekayok, for example, besides labor, they also contributed rice, tuak (a local alcoholic beverage), various vegetables, pork, lemang (glutinous rice roasted in bamboo), bamboo, rirek leaves, and others.

According to Sudirnus, Domong of the Hulu Aik Kingdom, this contribution tradition is called Umek Tating Bokal Sangu, which has been going on for a long time. Because, even in the past, whenever there was an event of the Hulu Aik Kingdom, the people of Laman Sembilan Domong Sepuluh were obliged to help each other. 

Some of the people contributed pigs, vegetables, some contributed gamal gong music, and others. 

The event at Kepatihan Patih Jaga Pati, Ketapang not only reflects the customs, culture, and rich traditions of the Dayak people that are still alive, but also illustrates the unity of the Dayak as one community, despite being composed of various sub-tribes scattered across different parts of the island of Borneo. 

The unity of the Dayak portrays them as the "first nation" on the third largest island in the world.

(Rangkaya Bada).

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