With Rp 100,000, You Can Get 3 Large Super Durians at Balai Karangan, West Kalimantan

A durian enthusiast at Balai Karangan, West Kalimantan.

Durian, the tropical fruit king, truly takes the spotlight in West Kalimantan, especially when its season arrives. 

From March to April and November to December, durians overflow in the region. 

During this period, local markets are filled with the sweet aroma and delicious flesh of durians. 

People from all over come to enjoy the fruit's delicacy, whether eaten fresh or used in various local dishes and cakes. 

The abundance of durians during its season makes it an integral part of West Kalimantan's culinary and cultural heritage.

Durians from Kembayan and Balai Karangan: extraordinary deliciousness

Durians from Kembayan and Balai Karangan are renowned for their extraordinary deliciousness. This particular type of durian is often referred to as the "sultan durian" because its taste is so exceptional that it suits the palates of sultans. 

Durians from Kembayan and Balai Karangan are renowned for their extraordinary deliciousness. The unique pleasure and flavor they offer are attributed not only to factors such as weather and soil but also to the natural growth and fruiting process of durians in these areas. 

Unlike some regions where durians are cultivated intensively and undergo artificial manipulation, durians in Kembayan and Balai Karangan thrive naturally. This natural growth allows the fruit to develop its full potential in taste and aroma, resulting in an unparalleled sensory experience for durian enthusiasts.

During the peak season, durians in West Kalimantan are 'priceless,' only Rp 5,000 each.

This nickname truly reflects the level of tastiness and uniqueness of the durian from that area. The combination of the ideal tropical climate and fertile soil in West Kalimantan creates perfect conditions for durians to grow with the highest quality. 

It's no wonder that durians from Kembayan and Balai Karangan are a major attraction for durian enthusiasts both domestically and internationally.

With Rp 100,000, you can get around 3 large super durians

Despite the renowned deliciousness of durians from West Kalimantan, their prices are often much more affordable compared to those in Jakarta and Java in general. 

With Rp 100,000, you can get 3 large super durians in West Kalimantan. 

This is a definite advantage for durian lovers living in the region or visiting to enjoy the fruit without having to dig too deep into their pockets. 

The relatively affordable prices also serve as a unique attraction for culinary tourists who want to taste the best durians in West Kalimantan without worrying about high costs.

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