Belandung Village: Transforming Mindsets and Achieving Excellence with Credit Union (CU) Keling Kumang

A portrait of a financially literate family assisted and accompanied by CU Keling Kumang in Belandung.


Belandung Village is one of the hamlets located in Tinting Boyok Village, Hulu Sekadau Sub-District, Sekadau Regency.

The total number of households (HH) in Belandung Village is 99, with a population of 402 people.

The majority of the population in Belandung Village are of the Ketungau Dayak ethnicity.

The predominant religion practiced by the local community is Catholicism.

The language commonly used by the residents is Ketungau Dayak.

A remarkable transformation

Since Credit Union (CU) Keling Kumang commenced its educational efforts in Belandung Village in 2004, a remarkable transformation has unfolded among the villagers. I

nitially, there was a tendency to overlook the significance of participating in the Credit Union . However, as the community became increasingly informed about the benefits and opportunities offered by CU Keling Kumang, their attitudes shifted dramatically.

Over the years, this shift in mindset has been palpable, as evidenced by the growing enthusiasm among local residents to become members of CU Keling Kumang.

The steady rise in membership numbers serves as a clear indicator of this newfound embrace of the Credit Union. Presently, Belandung Village boasts a thriving CU community, with a total of 228 members actively participating in CU Keling Kumang's initiatives.

Total asset value of Rp 2,038,825,911

Among these members, 174 are regular participants, while 54 hold extraordinary status within the union. Together, they have pooled their resources to amass a total asset value of Rp 2,038,825,911.

This collective wealth not only reflects the financial strength of the village but also underscores the unity and cooperation fostered by CU Keling Kumang within the community.

In addition to saving at the CU Keling Kumang Branch Office Sekadau Bersatu, the local community also shows great enthusiasm for borrowing.

The total loan circulation in Belandung Village amounts to Rp. 1,704,798,600, with 38 borrowers. Remarkably, the monthly delinquency rate of the total loan circulation is 0%.


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