Uyau Moris and Sape Music: Youth Is No Barrier to Becoming a Figurehead

Uyau Moris, one of the sape players, a traditional musical instrument of the Dayak people. Image source: FB UM.

Sape. Have you ever heard of it?

The sape, a stringed instrument, not only produces sound but also captures the essence of the Borneo Dayak forest. It is a traditional musical instrument that reflects the beauty and vibrant hues of the indigenous music of Borneo.

The creation process of the sape

The creation process of the sape begins by imitating its natural harmony. It draws inspiration from the music of nature emanating through the rustling of bamboo leaves and forest foliage. Creating harmonic tones that encapsulate life in the jungle.

And as the finest material, the sape's body is crafted from adau wood, giving each sape a distinctive character.

In the world of Dayak musicians, many attempts to master the sape, but only a few reach a level of proficiency and are considered "masters."

One standout figure among them is Uyau Moris, a Kenyah Dayak youth who has carved his name in the national and international music scene through his skillful sape playing.

A young Kenyah individual with a passion for music

Uyau Moris, born on August 31, 1991, is a young Kenyah individual with a passion for music. He has become an Indonesian musician specializing in playing the sape, a stringed instrument closely associated with Dayak culture.

The deep connection between Uyau and the sape is influenced by his family. His grandfather was a sape maestro skilled in playing and crafting the instrument, while his mother was a dancer who showcased traditional movements of beauty.

Due to Uyau's skill in playing the sape and introducing the Dayak culture to the world stage, Masri included him in the list of 101 Dayak Figures, Volume 2, describing him as a stout, tattooed, and fair-skinned individual.

From a very young age

From a very young age, Uyau Moris began learning to play the sape, delving into every vibration and melody produced by this ancestral musical instrument.

In his performances, he not only echoes musical notes but also brings the stories of the jungle and Dayak life into his works.

As a talented and dedicated young sape player, Uyau Moris has elevated the cultural heritage of the Kenyah Dayak to a higher level, solidifying his position as one of Indonesia's leading sape masters.

Despite his youth, Uyau Moris has proven that age is not a barrier to making an impact and achieving success in the world of Dayak music.

With his skills and agility in Dayak cultural arts, he has demonstrated that this era allows individuals to sustain themselves through their love for the arts. This is what we recognize as the era of creative economy, where talent and dedication in the arts and culture can be a source of sustainable livelihood.

Uyau Moris is a real example 

Uyau Moris is a real example of how one can combine passion and profession, bringing his culture and ancestral heritage to life through music.

Uyau serves as a role model for all of us to follow, making creativity and art a means to achieve success.

Driven by the same spirit and determination as Uyau, each of us can inspire and inherit valuable cultural values while keeping up with the changing times.

Due to his proficiency in playing the sape and introducing the Dayak culture to the global stage, Masri included Uyau in the list of 101 Tokoh Dayak - 101 Dayak Figures (Lembaga Literasi Dayak - Dayak Literacy Institute) 2015: 196).

Youth is not a barrier to becoming a figurehead, as explained by Masri in the accountability of his book. As long as one meets the 10 established criteria, which are indisputable.

(Masri Sareb Putra)

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