Kapuas River, a Natural Wealth and Local Wisdom in Sekadau


Mothers are cleaning the stomachs of small fish called "seluang" and in the foreground, a father is scattering fish feed to catch fish.

In Sekadau, one of the regencies in the eastern part of West Kalimantan, the flow of the Kapuas River adds to the narrative of the unique features and tourist attractions in Kalimantan. There are numerous captivating tourist attractions here, one of which is the direct experience of fishing or netting fish in the area.

The majestic Kapuas River, flowing along 1,143 km from its source in Kapuas Hulu, gracefully passes through the charming town of Sekadau. Besides being an intriguing river tourism destination, Kapuas also presents an extraordinary wealth in the form of deliciously famous fish.

Catching small fish called "seluang"

On the bright afternoon of January 28, 2024, the writer and his friend, Musa, experienced a unique journey exploring Kenangan Street in Sekadau. Their exploration led them to the banks of the Kapuas River, particularly in the region of Sungai Ringin, which bears witness to the daily life of the local community.

Seluang," a small fish from the Kapuas River, is renowned for its exceptional taste.

On the banks of the Kapuas River, a group of enthusiastic mothers were busy cleaning the stomachs of small fish known as "seluang". The river, stretching as far as the eye can see, serves as a bountiful source of catches for them. The joyous atmosphere radiated from the faces of the mothers who relished their activities on the riverbank.

One mother laughed and said, "Make fritters, or cook a delicious 'pepes'. A kilogram of raw fish can be obtained for Rp 25,000, while the cooked and processed ones are twice the price."

The harmony between humans and nature

Not far from there, a middle-aged father was seen skillfully scattering fish feed into the Kapuas River. With dexterity, small fish quickly gathered, and adeptly, he lifted them into the prepared container. This captivating process became a unique spectacle for the writer and Musa.

The Kapuas River not only offers breathtaking natural scenery but also provides abundant livelihood for the people of Sekadau. The diversity of fish species found in this river creates harmony between humans and nature. 

The daily activities of the community, who depend on the Kapuas River for their livelihood, are not just routines but a beauty of rural life that preserves traditions and respects local wisdom.

(Masri Sareb Putra)

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