Bipang - The Ambawang Roast Pork, Popularized by Jokowi

The distinctive and popular billboard of Bipang Ambawang endorsed by Jokowi.

"Bipang" is an acronym for "babi panggang" which translates to "roast pork" in English. Sometimes, the process of forming acronyms in the Indonesian language can indeed vary and may not always adhere to consistent rules. 

Bipang Ambawang endorsed by Jokowi

The use of the last syllable from one word and the first syllable from the next word, as seen in "bipang" derived from "babi panggang," represents a form of variation that may occur in everyday usage.

The formation of acronyms is not always bound by specific rules, and in some cases, phonetic suitability or practicality in daily use can influence how acronyms are created. Some acronyms may be generated based on local customs or conventions, and variations may arise depending on the preferences of a particular community or region.

Roast pork when served in the desired portion.

The method and location for roasting Ambawang-style spit-roast pork.

It is important to remember that language is dynamic and evolves, and its usage can vary across different contexts and communities. Therefore, variations in acronym formation are considered normal, depending on the practices that develop in a particular environment.

Suddenly, the distinctive cuisine of the Dayak and Chinese cultures on the outskirts of Pontianak city has unexpectedly gone viral and gained widespread recognition. The catalyst for this phenomenon was the introduction of the cuisine by Joko Widodo to the public. While some expressed objections, others praised it. The unique culinary delights are now attracting attention from all directions.

Located approximately 1 hour away from Supadio Pontianak Airport

Located approximately 1 hour away from Supadio Pontianak Airport, this culinary gem is easily accessible, situated on the outskirts of Pontianak in Ambawang. Hence, it is referred to as "bipang" or roasted pork Ambawang. The menu ranges from small to large portions, featuring local names in the Kanayatn language, which is one of the sub-tribes of the Dayak people with a significant population in West Kalimantan.

If you wish to satisfy your curiosity by visiting, it's recommended to arrive around 11 to 12 noon. Why? Because during that time, the dishes are freshly prepared, straight from the oven.

However, for those who cannot consume pork, there's no need to worry. There are alternative menu options, including chicken and fish. Thus, "bipang" is more than just a name; it serves as a branding that reflects the delectable culinary uniqueness of Ambawang, capturing the attention of the community after its introduction by Joko Widodo.

 A distinctive Dayak cuisine

"Bipang Ambawang" is a distinctive Dayak cuisine. It is minimally seasoned, with just the right amount of salt, and the flavor is enhanced by spices from Dayak's unique leaves. If desired, additional seasoning can be requested according to personal taste.

Regarding the price, it's actually relative. If ordered per portion, the price ranges from 75,000 to 125,000 Indonesian Rupiah. However, what does the price matter when we can eat to our heart's content and satisfaction?

(Masri Sareb Putra)
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