Among: The Pleasure of Taste at the Oldest Coffee Shop in Sanggau, West Kalimantan

When in Sanggau, West Kalimantan, visitors usually make their first stop in the Land of Dara Nante to savor the richness and experience the sensation of Kopi Among.

Among. Who doesn't know the simple building of Warung Kopi (WK), but truly the flavor of its coffee is something else?

The history of WK Among, with its branch in Tangerang, Jakarta, began its journey under the name "Tiga Sahabat" (Three Friends). However, like a shining light, Kopi Among reached the peak of its popularity in the city of Sanggau.

Located on Sudirman Street, Sanggau

Strategically located on Sudirman Street, standing proudly in front of the building of the Bank of West Kalimantan (Kalbar), WK Among has become a coffee haven easily accessible to a wide range of people.

Yet, this coffee shop is not just a place to savor the captivating aroma of coffee. Beyond that, Kopi Among has blended into the heart of the community, becoming an invaluable meeting place for the people of Sanggau.

At WK Among, diverse social layers come together, merging into a harmonious unity. From office workers yearning for a cup of coffee before starting their routines to hardworking individuals and entrepreneurs savoring a delightful cup before facing their tasks.

Not only does coffee flow

It's no coincidence that this morning, on August 9, 2023, the atmosphere at Borneo Travel carries the aroma of coffee from Kopi Among. 

This place has permeated the pulse of the city, bearing witness silently to every new day. Here, not only does coffee flow, but so does the flow of life stories, business whispers, and warm laughter from various corners of the community.

Kopi Among, more than just a coffee shop, is the social gravity center of this city. A meeting point for many individuals, where busyness and warmth blend in every delightful sip. A long journey from "Tiga Sahabat" to the iconic "Kopi Among," carving a history that echoes in the heart of Sanggau.

"Ngopi" (drinking coffee) while "ngo pi" (processing thoughts)

Enjoying the exquisite pour-over coffee at Warung Kopi Among (in a small-sized cup) for just Rp 6,000 is truly an opportunity that cannot be ignored. However, don't let this number lull you to sleep. Behind this affordable price hides an unforgettable taste experience, a perfect blend of flavor and pleasure.

Similarly, the cake served per slice for only Rp 2,000. Despite its very affordable price, the deliciousness and quality presented are unmatched. This is concrete evidence that at Warung Kopi Among, price is not the primary measure. It is a gateway to priceless enjoyment.

In this simplicity of price, there is a surprising magic. The moment you experience the aroma and taste of pour-over coffee, accompanied by a small, delicious bite of cake, will be proof that pleasure is not solely measured by financial value. Warung Kopi Among understands the art of offering happiness to all, regardless of the pocket.

Warung Kopi Among also offers a suitable place to experience the depth of thinking

"Ngopi" is short for "ngolah pikir," which means the process of processing or contemplating something while enjoying coffee. I have updated the previous translation to reflect the correct meaning.

You not only feel the physical delight of the coffee but also the delight of the soul. In this state, Warung Kopi Among becomes a refuge for a soul longing for productive solitude, a place where ideas can flourish freely without disturbance.

So, besides sipping the pleasure of coffee, Warung Kopi Among also offers a suitable place to experience the depth of thinking while staying connected with every sip that warms the throat. An experience that benefits the soul and mind, invaluable in the tapestry of our lives.

(Rangkaya Bada)

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