Enchanting Borneo: A Symphony of Culture and Nature at the Festival Danau Sentarum 2022

Beautiful Sentarum Lake. Photo by Alexander Mering

Embark on an enchanting journey to the borderlands of nations, and who wouldn't want to experience such a thrilling escapade? Let's set our sights on Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan, in the heart of Borneo. From December 1st to 4th, 2022, the stage will be set for the Festival Danau Sentarum 2022, an annual extravaganza that has been captivating hearts since 2012, showcasing the diverse cultures and natural wonders of Kapuas Hulu. 

But what sets this spectacle apart from other cultural events? Don't let curiosity linger; let's unravel the answers below. 

Embracing Authentic Culture Amidst Breathtaking Landscapes 

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Festival Danau Sentarum 2022 returns, making it the perfect year-end holiday destination. Especially for those eager to uncover the hidden gems stored #InIndonesiaOnly. 

This event promises to delight your senses with a myriad of living cultural arts unique to Kapuas Hulu, offering a glimpse into traditions you may not have known existed. The setting? The exotic backdrop of Danau Sentarum, known for its serene waters seamlessly blending with towering hills. By coming here, you're visiting one of the largest swamp lakes in Southeast Asia – a truly captivating experience. 

Cruising the Shores with Sentarum Cruise 

Here's an experience you won't find elsewhere: the Sentarum Cruise. Never heard of it? It's a traditional wooden boat, locally known as perahu bandong, representing the Kapuas Hulu community. Resembling a house, it often serves as both a residence and a means of transportation. 

The Sentarum Cruise, designed specifically for tourists, retains its authentic charm, adorned with Dayak ornaments on the first floor and Malay ornaments on the second. Riding this large boat, you'll be taken on a journey along the shores of Danau Sentarum, a unique adventure in itself. 

Iban Girls at the Lake Sentarum Festival (indonesia.travel)

Witnessing Cultural Carnivals, Art Performances, and Folk Entertainment

As mentioned earlier, you'll witness the diversity of arts and culture unique to Kapuas Hulu. This diversity unfolds in three distinct agendas. Feast your eyes on various costumes and artistic performances during the Cultural Carnival, scheduled for the first day. 

If you're keen on witnessing traditional dances, creative performances, and ethnic music, make sure not to miss the Art Performance agenda! Meanwhile, folk entertainment will be enlivened by the performances of musicians or singers from the capital. To find out who the guest stars are this time, make your way to the Festival Danau Sentarum 2022. 

Being Part of Traditional Games and Competitions 

When was the last time you played traditional games? Perhaps it's been so long that you've forgotten. Well, relive the excitement by participating in or watching the festive traditional games competitions at the Festival Danau Sentarum. Games conducted on the water include boat racing and lake fishing competitions. 

Additionally, there are traditional sports competitions like spinning tops (gasing) and blowpipe shooting. Oh, and this event also hosts a Fun Bike for cycling enthusiasts. Another intriguing activity is the culinary competition featuring traditional Kapuas Hulu dishes. Can you imagine the vibrancy that will unfold during these four days of festivities? 

Joining the Honey Drinking Festival 

But wait, there's more! Another unique experience awaits you at the Festival Danau Sentarum 2022. This grand event, presented by the Kapuas Hulu Regency Government in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, boasts an iconic agenda – the Honey Drinking Festival. 

During this activity, visitors will be served genuine Kapuas Hulu honey in glasses. Afterward, you and fellow visitors will partake in the sweet nectar together. 

Exploring Local Community Products at the Expo and Buying Souvenirs 

Beyond being a platform to witness local cultural wisdom, the Festival Danau Sentarum 2022 also serves as a place to acquaint yourself with and shop for products from Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (UMKM). Culinary products, dry snacks suitable as souvenirs, trinkets, and much more will be available at the Community Products Expo. Go on a shopping spree to support the rise of UMKM, contributing to faster economic growth! 

Trekking Through Pulau Sepandan

While you're in Taman Nasional Danau Sentarum, seize the opportunity to explore other popular tourist spots. One of them is Pulau Sepandan. This tourist spot offers an intriguing trekking trail. Throughout the journey, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of Danau Sentarum. 

With such an enticing agenda, it's no wonder the Festival Danau Sentarum 2022 deserves a spot on the must-visit events list this December, right? You can try traditional boats, enjoy art performances, witness traditional competitions, and even indulge in honey-drinking festivities. 

As you immerse yourself in the excitement of the Festival Danau Sentarum or engage in outdoor activities, remember to wear your mask, maintain social distancing, and regularly wash your hands. Also, ensure your immune system is robust by getting a booster shot. 

If you're interested in attending this exhilarating event, be sure to regularly check event.indonesia.travel. You can also follow the Instagram account @pesona.indonesia, TikTok @pesonaindonesia, Facebook @pesona.indonesia, Twitter @pesonaindonesia, and YouTube Pesona Indonesia to stay updated on the #InIndonesiaOnly event.

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