Culinary Delights at "Tenda Biru" in Sekadau, West Kalimantan

If you're planning a vacation to Kalimantan, don't miss out on the culinary experience in Sekadau, a district in West Kalimantan. Fondly known as "Bumi Lawang Kuwari" (Land of Mysteries), this area boasts a unique local restaurant with a Chinese touch, named "Tenda Biru" (Blue Tent). Indulge in its non-pork offerings and savor a blend of local and Chinese flavors.

Situated strategically at the heart of Sekadau city, RM Tenda Biru is easily accessible. It serves as a popular stop for those en route to Sintang or Sanggau. 

Favorite Menu: "Hekeng" (dried shrimp fritters) and spicy sour river fish soup.

The restaurant's central location and ample staff ensure swift service, with friendly and attentive waitstaff ready to assist. The master chefs, all men, display remarkable culinary expertise and efficiency.

RM Tenda Biru offers a diverse menu to suit varying tastes. Favorites include the piquant "ikan tapah asam pedas" (spicy sour catfish) and the tantalizing "sambal udang petai" (shrimp with stink beans). Vegetable lovers can enjoy "sayur sawi keriting tumis" (stir-fried curly mustard greens). Personal favorites encompass the flavorful "hekeng" and the distinctive "terong Dayak asam pedas campur baong/lais" (spicy sour Dayak eggplant with fish and smoked eel). Notably, pineapple is creatively incorporated into their fish medley dishes.

The culinary excellence at RM Tenda Biru is evident in every dish. Patrons from Jakarta and Malaysia have praised its exceptional and distinctive flavors. The restaurant's emphasis on prompt service and presentation is reinforced by its predominantly male kitchen staff, headed by a skilled, rotund, fair-skinned master chef. Meals are swiftly prepared and served, adhering to stringent quality standards.

Akon (left), the owner of RM Tenda Biru, with a loyal customer of his restaurant.

Dining at RM Tenda Biru is not only a delightful experience but also budget-friendly. The menu offers a variety of options with clear pricing, ensuring a satisfying meal that won't strain your wallet. Enjoy a sumptuous meal for three without exceeding Rp200,000. If you desire more, it's possible with prior arrangements.

A visit to Sekadau is incomplete without stopping by RM Tenda Biru. It serves as a respite for travelers, quenching hunger and soothing thirst within the welcoming confines of its iconic blue tent. Look for the unmistakable blue tent and the prominent restaurant sign, inviting you to experience the culinary wonder that is RM Tenda Biru.*)

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