The nuance and Charm of Kelempiau Park in Sekadau are Captivating

You are fortunate when you visit Kelempiau Park, as the rare local creatures known as 'kelempiau' may come out and make themselves charmingly visible. Credit photo: Misto.

Nestled 27 kilometers from Sekadau, West Kalimantan, lies the captivating Kelempiau Park, a natural wonderland that beckons visitors with its enchanting allure. 

To reach this "paradise", one must embark on a journey that starts at the Credit Union (CU) Keling Kumang head office in Tapang Sambas, where the path to Kelempiau Park unfolds.

The park's name holds significance, for it pays homage to the mesmerizing creature that inhabits its grounds – the "hylobates funereus," known affectionately as the Wau Wau due to the delightful sounds it emits. Kelempiau, with its adorable face and agile movements, never fails to elicit chuckles and laughter from onlookers.

As visitors traverse the park's enchanting trails, they may be graced with the sight of the Wau Wau's playful dance, jumping from branch to branch with the exuberance of a child immersed in joyous games. Their antics are bound to warm the hearts of all who witness their joyful and funny temperament.

Under the sheltering canopy of the towering trees, a symphony of swaying branches and rustling leaves fills the air. The mesmerizing display adds to the park's beauty, creating a captivating panorama that has garnered acclaim from across the globe, making it a popular destination in West Kalimantan.

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Kelempiau Park serves as a living testament to the importance of preserving the unique ecosystems that are home to these endearing creatures. It is a place where nature and humanity coexist harmoniously, and visitors are reminded of their responsibility to protect and conserve the delicate balance of life within.

  • The visitors appeared joyful in front of the entrance to Kelempiau Park.

As the park's fame spreads far and wide, word of the charming Wau Wau and the captivating beauty of Kelempiau Park has reached the corners of the world. It has become a cherished sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and those seeking respite in the embrace of Mother Nature.

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Each visit to Kelempiau Park offers a chance to marvel at the wonders of the natural world and immerse oneself in the majesty of unspoiled wilderness. As the sun sets over the horizon, casting a golden glow over the park, the serenity and magic of this enchanting place leave an indelible mark on the hearts of all who tread its sacred grounds.

Kelempiau Park stands not only as a testament to the beauty of the Wau Wau and its habitat but also as a beacon of hope for a future where humanity coexists with nature in perfect harmony. It serves as a powerful reminder that our actions today shape the world of tomorrow, and by embracing the spirit of conservation, we can ensure the preservation of the wonders that adorn our planet for generations to come.*)

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