The delicious and famous "Pisang Pontianak" (Pontianak Banana)

Have you ever heard "Pisang Pontianak"? 

It's a cool brand name! It really makes you crave its taste. Just imagine, it instantly reminds you of its flavor, shape, and that unique aroma with the srikaya (sweetsop) spice.

In Jakarta, there are loads of shops selling this Pisang Pontianak. You'll be surprised by the long queues, sometimes stretching up to three meters! Despite having to wait for hours, loyal customers patiently stand in line with a smile.

Now, can you guess the difference between Pisang Pontianak in Jakarta and the one in Pontianak itself? Well, the one in Jakarta is somewhat less fresh and wrinkled. Maybe it's because of the long journey from Pontianak to Jakarta.

Moreover, compare the sizes! In Jakarta, the bananas are tiny, just the size of an adult's thumb. But the coating is so thick, it's like a hand of a toddler!
On the other hand, in Pontianak, it's a different story altogether. The bananas are big, and the coating is thin, making it super delicious to eat.

But, you need to prepare your wallet because the price is higher in Jakarta. It's the capital city, and the buyers are mostly from the upper class, so naturally, it's more expensive.

Once, I asked a vendor in Jalan Jayakarta, Jakarta, and he confirmed that the bananas are indeed transported by plane or ship from Pontianak, which adds to the cost.

However, I've personally seen that Pisang Pontianak in Jakarta is not as fresh as the one in its hometown. It's entirely different from the ones directly picked from the bunch, without any chemicals.
So, if possible, it's better to enjoy Pisang Pontianak right in Pontianak for that truly authentic and fresh experience!

Pontianak Banana. Incredible, there is nothing like it!
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