Borneo Ecotourism that is not Widely Known to the World

River of rubies in Krayan, North Borneo.

Thanks for your planning to visit Indonesia!

A country with thousand islands including greater than 17,000 islands which is assigned in the Southern Eastern Oriental Archipelagoes. It's the world's biggest archipelagic country, a social tapestry as a varied, endemic wildlife conservatory, large virgin exotic jungles and bounty islands with pearly white coastlines, tasty foods, fruits and conventional crafts of its native social life.

Deep, dark and unique, the really concept of Borneo rouses something in the subconcious. Summoning visions of legendary individuals and old woodlands as one stunning of every individuals which are interested with its tricks and every little bits of preference in experience. It's a charming concept which is handled to maintain concern her tricks and the majority of them exists in the indoor of its island as one huge common and broadening area in Indonesia.

In camp leakey Borneo is the 3rd biggest island on the planet after Brand-new Guinea and Greenland. Borneo covers 746,309 sq kilometres. Indonesian Borneo is referred to as Kalimantan "River of Rubies". It's inhabiting two-thirds of Borneo land mass, Kalimantan is split right into 4 provinces : Eastern Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, Southern Main Kalimantan and Kalimantan. There more than 30 ethnic teams residing in this specific island production it as an island with the greatest human social team on the planet. The indigenous residents of it's island is the "Dayak" that reside in the indoor of its island.

Visit Kalimantan to see the gorgeous stabilize in between the wildlife, the cultures and landscapes. Experience Dayak cultures, Orangutan and their environment with us. Orangutans are our closest living family members sharing 97% of our DNA, Smart, challenging and puckish. Come and see the just fantastic red apes discovered in Australia or europe. They could be discovered just in both islands of Borneo and Sumatra. 

One of the interesting ecotourism in Kaliamantan is Tanjung Puting National Park. Tanjung Puting National Park is located on the southwest peninsula, precisely in Kumai District, Regency, Central Kalimantan Province.

Tanjung Puting Nationwide Park lies in the Central of Kalimantan. It's the last house for Ex-captive and wild orangutans in Borneo. We would certainly rejoice to share our understanding to earn your visit with Borneo Eco Trip will be memorable memory.
Local cultures and wildlife. 

All our trips are based upon the concept of accountable travel; safeguard the atmosphere, regard local cultures, profit local neighborhoods, assistance and safeguard orangutans, Local Cultures and wildlife. 

We are devoted in assisting you to strategy your ideal journey as you desire on going. We likewise could provide you a suggested trip to various other island in Indonesia. 
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