Pampang Cultural House, East Kalimantan

Pampang Cultural House, East Kalimantan

Traveling to East Kalimantan, never miss the Pampang cultural house.

In this Dayak cultural village, the entire series of human life is performed. Especially the concept of life and death, and human unity with nature, the environment and the Creator.

In the realm of sociology, especially the sociology of religion, autokton – or genuine religion – is described as the Highest Substance, or the Originator, close to humans.

The Supreme Substance is radiating, or emanating. His “being” exists in various material forms. However, it was clearly a supernatural power.

We are discussing the indigenous beliefs of the Dayak tribe. Like the concept of Batang Garing in Central Kalimantan, among the Dayak Kenyah (also the Benuaq and Toonyoi in East Kalimantan), the concept of human unity with nature and the Creator is known.

Pampang Cultural House, East Kalimantan

This painting is really extraordinary. From end to end, top to bottom, side to side; looks like a complete concept. The concept of the Being, the Being, which is “tremendum et fascinosum” (terrifying/terrifying but at the same time attractive as a magnet), does not exist.

What exists is harmony. Humans are in harmony with nature and its environment and with the Creator.

The same thing everywhere is the tajau (urn). In Hukum Adat or singer (customary law), the pot is a symbol of life. Like a stomach. Storing not only food and drink, but also breath, heart, liver, and all essential human life supplies.

Of course, if you go to this cultural house, don't miss the most exotic thing that is becoming rare: long-eared humans.

Why long ears? You find the answer at the locus.


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