Niah Cave | Historical Tourism Destination


Niah Cave | Historical Tourism Destination
Niah Cave | Historical Tourism Destination, photo by wikipedia

Niah, the cave is as seen on the map. Located in the area of Niah National Park , Miri, Sarawak state.

No doubt. Niah Caves, the origins of the Bornean people (now inherited by the Iban people) 40,000 years ago. Now it is not only a historical site. It is also a highly valued tourist attraction due to its various charms.

The easiest way to reach the Niah caves is on a tour organized by a service bureau from Miri. Or, it could be, we choose the path to reach this historical site from Bintulu.

Niah Cave | Historical Tourism Destination

The distance to Niah cave from Miri is 109km. Meanwhile, from Bintulu it is 118km. If you decide to rent a car, then prepare around 100 Malaysian Ringgit / day.

It is possible for you to travel as a day trip. However, the time of day feels very short. Simple accommodation is available in visitor bungalows within the park grounds. Some tour services provide the option of staying several nights.

Until the opening of the Miri airstrip, getting to the location of the trip was difficult because it traveled all day long by boat. Flying from Miri) is less fun but much faster.

Many visitors like to fly to Mulu by boat. A journey that feels satisfying enough takes at least two days, preferably three. If you want to go trekking and are interested in caves, you can easily spend a week there.

There are standard accommodations, but comfortable. Available at or near park headquarters, such as one of the government houses. Don't expect much comfort in the house because you are deep in the forest. There are no TVs, telephones, banks, post offices or shops. Reservations for accommodation must be made through a travel agent or at the Sawarak tourist center in Kuala Lumpur or Kuching.

Niah Cave | Historical Tourism Destination

When entering the cave, what should be done?

Remember to use a solid drill. Better waterproof. Equipped with a sturdy pair of shoes that don't mind getting wet and a change of clothes in a sealed plastic bag.

Niah Caves, the origins of the Bornean people (now inherited by the Iban people) 40,000 years ago. Now it is not only a historical site, but also a tourist object that has high value because of its various charms.

The first time visitors come to Niah, they will definitely smell a pungent aroma from inside the cave. However, take it easy. Because over time you will get used to the smell.

The swiftlet population is decreasing. However, for the bat population is not directly proportional, which is even increasing. Millions of these winged animals that hang from the ceiling of the cave during the day.

These nocturnal animals defecate on the cave floor which is the result of food consumed at night. While swallow droppings also scattered on the floor of the cave. Ready to become fertilizer which is very often collected by local residents to be resold to farmers in need. 

The enchantment, as well as the mystery of Niah Cave. Photo credit: Charles Tyler, 1993.

From the western part of the world. Many visitors come in droves filled with high curiosity about the cave. Apart from being full of historical stories, you can also see the view of the light that enters between the rocks. But this is different from other Sarawak Caves because this cave is too big to be lit only by natural light (sun). In the depths of the cave, lightless, so pitch black.

In addition, because this cave is too big. Therefore, it is recommended to be accompanied by a tour guide because the structure of this cave is very complex.

Therefore, it is very dangerous. So much so, that to explore the caves without being accompanied by an experienced person, is defying death.


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